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Cloud Solutions

Achieve Your Goals. Moving software applications to the cloud is the best way for any multi-site organization to lower costs, streamline IT support, and help you dynamically scale your operations.

Contact Center Solutions

Turn your customer experience into a competitive advantage with all-in-one customer interaction while achieving your customer experience goals with cost-effective scalability and reliability.

UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service)

Keep costs low with a hosted VoIP solution. Enjoy a high-performance, streamlined PBX system without the cost of maintenance.


Virtual Desktop (Managed Desktop as a Service)

Businesses can move their desktop environments to the cloud space and access powerful computing resources anywhere, at any time.


Cloud Email (Hosted Microsoft Exchange and Office 365)

Secure and fully managed email solutions for your business. Ask about migration services to lift your business to the Cloud.


Private & Hybrid Cloud

Many organizations maintain legacy applications and/or sensitive data that cannot be published to a public cloud infrastructure but they want the potential economic and technological benefits that cloud-based technologies can provide.  The industry has responded with private and hybrid cloud infrastructures to meet the unique needs of each organization. 


Disaster Recovery (Backup and Disaster Recovery)

Organizations that encounter a disaster without disaster recovery in place run the risk of going out of business. Replicate and store any computing environment to the cloud regardless of storage vendor or architecture.

Servers (Infrastructure as a Service)

Virtual, Private, Public, Dedicated & Hybrid environments, Custom Networking, Collaboration & Productivity for higher performance, cost savings, greater control and increased security.



Colocation is placing an independent server on an established data center with multiple Carrier network nodes available, which provides a constant high-speed connection from the Internet or Private line/MPLS to the server, along with the ability to deliver constant electrical and cooling needs for 100% uptime.

Cloud Solutions: Services
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